Embossed Brass Burner, Medium Base, Net Top


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Solid Brass screen charcoal burner with a wooden coaster

A unique burner, made from solid yellow brass, with an elegantly shaped design and a sophisticated texture. Can be used for burning various types of incense, including cones, resins, and powder.

Comes with a wooden coaster. Ideal for creating a special atmosphere in your meditation room, for using on your altar, decorating a living room, taking with you on a trip, and even placing it on your office table.

Comes with a removable net that allows the smoke to freely spread throughout the room and carry the aroma of the incense. Easy to clean and refill.


Embossed Brass Burner, Net Top 2.25"Hx2.5"D, Black Brass Burner, Fern Engraving, Net Top 1.25"Hx2.75"D


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